An Exciting Announcement

We have an exciting announcement to make. As you may have noticed, we have reduced the release schedule of Pilot Inspectors to once a week, each Monday. We have adjusted our weekly schedule not because we’re lazy or getting tired of watching all of this new tv (although, there really is too much new TV these days). Pilot Inspectors has been changed to once weekly to make room for us to start producing an all new weekly podcast. 

We’re proud to announce that in the very near future, you will be able to hear us on our new podcast, Closer to Free, a Party of Five rewatch podcast. Every Wednesday, we will release a new episode of Closer to Free, as we watch and review the entire series run, episode by episode, of the 1994 Fox family drama Party of Five.

Party of Five is an influential family drama series, which not only won the 1996 Golden Globe for best television drama series, but also launched the careers of its stars Matthew Fox, Scott Wolf, Neve Campbell, and Lacey Chabert. 

You can listen to the first episode of Closer to Free in a special preview episode on Monday’s episode of Pilot Inspectors. You will be able to find the show on all of your favorite podcatchers in the near future (hopefully this week, if Apple will get moving). Any other new updates can be on our Patreon feed, or at our website,